Ramnath Temple, Bandivade

रामनाथी देवूळ, बांदोडे
Ramnath Temple, Bandivade
Shree Ramnath Devasthan,
Ponda, Goa

The second temple in the small village of Bandode or Bandivade as it is also known is that of Lord Ramnath. Located about 22 kilometers from the capital city of Panaji, the temple is just a few minutes away from Farmagudi, off the main road to Ponda.

Legend has it that the name of Lord Ramnath comes from the place Rameshwar. It is said that Lord Rama, after slaying Ravana in the battle was filled with remorse at the killing. In order to seek redemption for his act, he installed a Shivalinga (symbol of Lord Shiva), on the shores and hence came to be known as Rameshwar or Ramnath.

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