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The main activity of the Department is the printing and publication of the offical Gazette — the official organ of the Government — brought out weekly on every Thursday. wherein the Central and Local Acts enacted by the Parliament and the State Assembly from time to time are published, for general information and guidance of the public and for their enforcement by the Departments concerned.

The Official Gazette is published in three Series, namely Series I, Series II, Series III. In addition, Extraordinary and Supplementary Gazettes are brought out as and when requested for, by the Department concerned depending upon the urgency and the public interest.

The contents of each of the Series are as given below:


Series I

which is the principal part of the Gazette, being of Legislative nature, contains Stationary Acts and Rules, Regulations, Bye-Laws, Notifications and Orders issued in pursuance thereto. In addition, the recruitment rules which are framed under Article 309 of the Constitution of India to determine the mode of recruitment to posts in Group ‘A’. ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ categories in various Departments of the Government from time to time, are also notified.


Series II

Notifications in regard to acquisition of land for public purposes issued by the Government under the Land Acquisition Act, 1984: Orders and Awards regarding settlement of disputes referred for adjudication to the Industrial Tribunal under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947: Notifications regarding mining concessions granted under the Goa Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1985; Notifications from the Election Commission of India and State Election Commission regarding election results, election petitions etc., and Notifications/Orders regarding appointments, promotions, confirmations, transfers etc., of Officers in Group A and B categories, are published.


Series III

which contain matters of routine nature, comprises Notifications issued by the District Magistrates under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, declaring Bus stops, Speed Breakers, No Parking Zones, Traffic Sign Boards etc., for regulating the vehicular traffic along the National an State Highways, district and Village roads; Notifications issued by the Chief Town Planner regarding outline Development plans of various towns, including subsequent changes carried out therein under the Goa Town and Country Planning Act, 1974; Orders issued by the Director Tourism canceling the registration of tourist Trade Act, 1982; Notices issued by Taluka Mamlatdars under the Goa Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 and the Goa Panchayat Raj Act 1994; Auction Notices issued by the Excise Inspectors of various excise stations for sale of confiscated liquor to licensed vendors; declaration of results of Goa State Lotteries; and advertisements notifying vacancies in Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ categories of posts to be filled by direct recruitment, are published.


In addition, the following kinds of public/private notices are also published in this Series, on payment:

  • Notices in regard to storage/stock of petroleum products issued by the District Magistrates under the Explosive Act, 1884;
  • Notices granting dissolution of marriages by way of decrees passed by various Civil Courts;
  • Notices in regard to the Deed of Succession under the Portuguese Laws in force and Notices regarding change of name/surname under the Goa Change of Name and Surname Act, 1990, issued by the Civil Registrars-cum-Sub-Registrars;
  • Notices issued by the Administrators of Comunidades under the code of Comunidades;
  • Notices issued by various Devasthans under the “Regulamento de Mazanias”;
  • Private Advertisements issued under the Code of Comunidades and others, required to be published under provisions of Law

For publication of such notices, the matter should reach the Printing Press Department at least by the previous week end, otherwise it remains for publication in the subsequent week.




Official Gazettes are priced publications and the cost of a Gazette depend upon the number of pages it contains, being Rs.1.00 per page. Subscriptions to the Official Gazette are open to the public.

The conditions and the rates of subscription are given below

  • Subscription to Official Gazette are open to the public and its yearly term is as per the financial year i.e. 1st April to 31st March.
  • Subscription can be opened for half yearly i.e. from 1st April, 1st July or 1st October or for any quarter, beginning on 1st April, 1st July, 1st October or 1st January.
  • Renewal of subscription from 1st April should be effected on or before 31st March,, in order to avoid interruption in the dispatch of copies of the Gazette. It should be noted that, in case the subscription is not opened/renewed before the commencement of the period to which it refers, the subscribers will be entitled to receive copies of the Gazette only from the date the subscription is actually opened/renewed.
  • The subscription charges are accepted either in cash, postal order or demand draft only on State Bank of India, Panaji, in favour of the Director Printing and Stationery, Panaji-Goa. Remittances by cheque or any other form of payment will not be accepted.
  • The payment of subscriptions will also be accepted at the Branch office situated in the Communidade Building at Margao.

The revised subscription rates, effective from 01-1-2000, are as follows

Period All 3 Series Series-I Series-II Series-III
Rs. p. Rs. p. Rs. p. Rs. p.
For any quarter( Postage) 220 – 00 (20 – 00) 120 – 00 (10 – 00) 100 – 00 (10 – 00) 120 – 00 (10 – 00)
For Half Year (Postage) 300 – 00 (40 – 00) 150 – 00 (20 – 00) 120 – 00 (20 – 00) 150 – 00 (20 – 00)
For any period exceeding 6 months
upto one year (Postage)
480 – 00 (80 – 00) 240 – 00 (40 – 00) 200 – 00 (40 – 00) 240 – 00 (40 – 00)

The postal charges indicated above are subject to changes at any time during the subscription period.

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