Naguesh Temple

नागेशी देवूळ
Naguesh Temple
Shri Nageshi Maharudra Temple,
Ponda, Goa 403401

Around 25 kilometers from Panaji, in the village of Bandode, lies the temple of Lord Naguesh. The area surrounding the temple is known as Nagueshi and lies just 800 meters from Farmagudi on the way to Ponda.

There is a stone plaque near the temple, dating back to 1413, which describes the donation of surrounding lands to the temple by a local family. This was in the reign of Veer Pratap Devraya of the Vijayanagar kingdom. There are stone idols of Shiv-Paravati and Ganesh inside the temple which actually date back to the seventh and eight century which has led to the conjecture of the temple being in existence since that time.

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