Chapora Fort

किल्ले - इतिहासाचे रक्षक
Chapora Fort
Chapora Fort, Chapora Fort Road,
Chapora, Goa

Located 10 kilometer from Mapusa, the red-laterite bastion was built by the Portuguese in 1617 on the site of an earlier Muslim structure. Intended as a border watchpost, it fell to various Hindu raiders during the 17th century, before finally being deserted by the Portuguese in 1892.

Today, the fortress lies in ruins, although you can still see the heads of two tunnels that formerly provided supply routes for besieged defenders, as well as a scattering of Muslim tombstones on the southern slopes of the hill, believed to be relics of pre-colonial days. However, the main incentive to climb up here is the splendid view of nearby Anjuna and Vagator beaches.

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