Rock Art in Goa

Rock Art

Mauxi Rock Art

Goa has been an inhabited area from time immemorial. The latest discovery to support this was made as recently as 1993 when the locals together with a team of archaeologists uncovered ancient rock carvings, which have been dated back to the Mesolithic period (about 10,000 years ago!).These rock carvings are open to the public although they are submerged during the monsoon season, and casts of them have been placed in the Goa museum.

Rock Art At Usgalimal

The Discovery Of Rare Stone Age Rock Carvings at Kajur, Panasaimol of Pirla village In Sanguem Taluka And Mauxi in Sattari Taluka has Opened New Vistas And thrown Up New Challenges to historians And archaeologists. The State Museum of Goa in Panaji has created a model of this entire site of Panasaimol.