Atreya Vedic Farm

अत्रेय वेदीक फार्म
Atreya Vedic Farm
Atreya Vedic Farm,
Molem, Goa
Mob: +91 9011445736

Set amidst nature’s abundance at the foothills of the Western Ghats at Molem is Atreya Vedic Farm, a truly unique ecotourism venture. It has been concieved and nurtured by environmental activist, Nirmala Sawant, who believes in greening the planet today for a better tomorrow. The 36 – acre estate comprises of sylvan forest land, wooded groves, perfumed tropical gardens, an orchard, an astrological plant park, Charak vatika – medicinal plantation, Coconut and Areca Nut Plantation, Wildlife and Birding and Restuarant, Souvenir shop. and above all, presidica Butterfly House.