Directorate Of Health Services

Introduction :

Government of Goa has attained the goal of “Health for All” by the year 2000 A.D. through its various health and medical care programmes. Goa is therefore considered as best performing states in the matter of health & medical care. Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has an important role in the provision and administration of health services and in order to raise the quality, extend accountability and carry out the services fairly, effectively and courteously. Goa has one of the most extensive health systems in India. The Directorate of Health Services has an important role to perform in the Administration as far as health systems & services are concerned. The Directorate of Health Services primarily seeks to provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the people through primary health care approach which has been accepted as one of the main instruments of action for development of human resources, accelerating the socio-economic development and attaining improved quality of life.

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Department :

contact person
Dr. Geeta Kakodkar
Directorate of Health Services
Campal, Panaji - Goa - 403001
0832 - 2225561

Dr.Ira Almeida
Deputy Director (Public Health)


Directorate of Health Service,Campal, Panaji – Goa
Shri Anil Kumar
Deputy Director (HIB)

Directorate of Health Services, Campal, Panaji, Goa - 403001
contact details
0832 - 2225646

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DDSSY form
English (747 KB) download
Mediclaim forms
English (366 KB) download
Medical Cover arrangement for visit of Hon’ble President of India to Goa from 5th to 7th September 2021.
English (110 KB) download
Important Contact Numbers of Hospitals / CHC / PHC / UHC
English (52 KB) download
Important Contact Numbers Of Doctors At Designated Hospitas /CHC/PHC/UHC
English (41 KB) download
Administrative Approval of Government of Minutes for DDSY Hospital Empanellment Committee
English (589 KB) download
Administrative Approval of Government of DDSY Hospital Empanellment Committee
English (529 KB) download
Empanelment and Upgradation Of Following Hospitals / Center
English (583 KB) download
List of Private Hospitals in Goa Under Applicable under DDSY
English (804 KB) download
Mental Health Helpline -Place & Posting Of Counsellors
English (963 KB) download
Mental Health Initiatives For COVID19 Pandemic
English (201 KB) download
Guidelines For Tele-Medicine Services InAYUSHMAN BHARAT HEALTH AND WELLNESS
English (752 KB) download
Advisory regarding prevention of vector borne disease
English (68 KB) download
Differential Strategy for NVBDCP programmatic activities/interventions based on 3 zone classification of the districts during COVID-19 Pandemic
English (313 KB) download
Letter To all PHC-CHC-UHC About National Dengue Day 2020
English (163 KB) download
Advisory Issued – Following Measures To Be Taken By NTEP Stakeholders
English (2 MB) download
Guidelines For Resuming Routine Immunization Sessions & Antenatal OPDs
English (883 KB) download
Letter to All States By Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare
English (401 KB) download
PHC Shiroda Declared As COVID Care Centre
English (151 KB) download
Letter To Medical Officers From DHS Regarding Home Quarantine
English (175 KB) download
Format For Maintaining Daily Records Of COVID-19 Related Biomedical Waste Management
English (2 MB) download
Annexure I – Covid-19 Virus Exposure Risk Assesment Form For Health Worker (HCW)
English (166 KB)  download
Declaration Form
English (191 KB)  download
Handbook of Department of Health Services
English (63 KB)  download
List of the hospitals recognized under for Goa Mediclaim Scheme
English (101 KB)  download
Telephone Numbers of Hospitals & Health Centres
English (202 KB)  download
Port Health Organisation
English (16 KB)  download
The Goa Prohibition of Smoking & Spitting Act, 1997
English (56 KB)  download
Form A – Medical Certificate
English (8 KB)  download
Form C – Application for Self Treatment under Mediclaim Scheme
English (351 KB)  download
Form D – Application for treatment under Mediclaim Scheme to be submitted on behalf of the patient as the patient is a minor
English (349 KB)  download
Form E – Format of undertaking to be given to the hospital patient in respect of treatment and payment
English (342 KB)  download

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