This section contains information on facilities available in the site including methods of navigation and links to sites giving accessibility advice and information on browsing the site. This page contains general help information relevant to the state portal website & is accessible from every page on the state portal Website. Whatever your query may be you are likely to find your answer here. If you have a query or problem about a specific link that is not addressed here, please use the ‘Feedback’ link provided on the header of every page.

Registering to the portal

Where can I find the link for registration to portal?

Getting registered to state portal is very easy. For registering to the portal you can select the link ‘ Sign Up’ provided in the ‘Sign in to your account’ section of the home page.

How many section does the registration form contains?

The registration form consists of following 3 sections :


  1. Personal Details
    • Title
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Sex
    • Occupation
  2. Contact/Communication Details
    • Address
    • Gram Panchayat
    • Post Office
    • Town/Village
    • Tehsil
    • District
    • Pin code
  3. Identity Details
    • Passport No.
    • PAN
    • Visible Distinguishing Mark
Why do I need to provide the security question & it's answer?

In case, when you forget your password you will be identified with this security information. The question & security answer that you provide during registration is the information that only the user must know. There are a few questions for the user to choose from. The user should select a question & provide a secret answer. Try not to enter a “popular” answer for this question. Ideally it should be easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

What are the mandatory fields to be filled-in the registration form?

The fields marked with * in the registration form are mandatory.

What are the rules for login credentials?

1.Login ID : Login ID is a unique ID & must contain only alphabets & exactly 2 digits. No special characters are allowed. Login ID is case-sensitive & can have exactly 6 characters.
2.Password : Password is case-sensitive, alphanumeric & can have exactly 6 characters.

Login to the Portal

What if my login fails?

This may happen if you have not registered earlier, i.e your account does not exists. For this you must first register yourself.

What if my password doesn't work?

Make sure your “caps lock” key is not on. Login ID & password both are case sensitive. For example, “password” is not the same as “PaSSwoRd” or “PASSWORD” & abc12 is not same as ABC12 or 12ABC.

What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ link provided in the ‘Sign in to your account’ section of the home page & you will be directed to the concerned page. Here you can obtain a new password based on certain security parameters that you must have provided while registration.


You have to enter your Login ID. Fill in the answer that you have provided in response to the security question while registering. This answer must match the exact spellings, spaces, commas etc as provided during registration. Make sure to provide same & relevant information you have given during registration or when you last updated your account. Without the correct verification information, you will not be able to obtain a new password.


Once the form is successfully submitted, your new password will be the default password ‘goa123’.

How do I change my password?

If you would like to change your password, sign in to your account with your current password & click on the ‘Change Password’ link on the page that follows. Follow these steps to change your password:


  1. Your Login ID will be displayed by default & it cannot be changed.
  2. You will be asked to type your current password. Remember this field is case-sensitive.
  3. Next, you will be asked to type your ‘New Password’. Remember this field is also case-sensitive.
  4. Next, you will be asked to re-type your ‘New Password’. It should exactly match the new password you have entered in the field above.
  5. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to change your password & login using your new password.

About Services

The Commercial Tax Department in Goa is responsible for administering, levy and collection of tax revenue under statutes relating to Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Luxury Tax, Tax on Entry of Goods into local area and Entertainment Tax for the State of Goa.


For the purpose of control and administration, the State of Goa has been divided into seven ward offices, namely, Panaji, Mapusa, Bicholim, Ponda, Margao, Vasco and Curchorem. The overall tax administration is controlled and monitored by its Headquarters at Panaji. Total sanctioned strength of the Department is 246.The function of the Department is to enforce and implement the provisions of the Act & Rules, which relates to grant of registration, collection of tax revenue, assessments, recovery of arrears, surveys, inspections, surprise visits and internal audit. The office at large is responsible to Finance Department in framing the policies and discharge of functions.


The “Payment of VAT” and “Payment of CST” services are available on this portal. The following details have to be entered in the respective challan forms for the payment of the VAT and CST over the portal.

Payment of VAT (Value Added Tax)


  1. From Period: starting month and year of the period for which the payment is being done.
  2. To Period: ending month and year of the period for which the payment is being done.
  3. TIN number: Unique Id based on which the VAT payment is done.
  4. Tax: amount of tax.
  5. Composition of Tax: amount of tax composition.
  6. Lic and Registration Fee: amount to be paid as Lic and Registration Fee.
  7. Interest: amount to be paid as Interest.
  8. Total Amount: total payable amount.
  9. Other Receipts: details of other receipts.
  10. Other items: details of other items.
  11. Total Amount: total payable amount.

Making Bill Payments

What are the do’s & don’ts for making online payments?

  1. Before committing the transaction, user should verify whether all the details and Pay mode are properly entered or not. For this a confirmation page is displayed and the transaction is committed only when user verifies the details and clicks the ‘Confirm’ button.
  2. Single click on the Submit button, wait for the processing to complete.
  3. It is always better to note the receipt number that is being generated at the end of the bill payment in the Receipt page.
  4. After generating the receipt,the user must verify the details printed in the receipt before printing the receipt.
  5. The user must also check before printing the receipt page that the printer is connected and that it is working properly.
  6. The user can pay only one bill amount at a time(one Transaction for one bill).
  7. The user can pay the bill only through Credit Card, Debit Card, Direct Debit and Demand Draft.



  1. The user must not provide his/her account information to anybody. This is very important because in case of verification of bill payments it will be hard to identify the transaction.
  2. In case of any error after doing the transaction, do not try to do any other transaction before knowing the actual cause of the error.
  3. Avoid using ‘Back’ button of browser.