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The Motor Vehicles Department functions under the provisions of Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Central Act 59 of 1988). The Motor Vehicles Department is primarily established for enforcement of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Goa Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1976 and the rules framed under these two Acts.

Road transport is a very vital area of public interest. We are committed to absolute integrity and judiciousness, courtesy and transparency in our efforts to achieve the above stated mission. We consider it our responsibility to enlighten the public about their rights and entitlements. It is our earnest endeavour to educate the public about the procedures associated with the various activities and transactions in the department. Thus the Department is trying to revitalize and simplify the various functions and activities and make them more people-friendly.

To render help to the public an effective and efficient public relations system was set up in all offices of the department. After considerable thought we have fixed practicable time limits for various services rendered from the offices. We make sincere and earnest efforts to adhere to the time limit as far as possible. We have introduced a revolutionary change in the issue of driving licence i.e. the licence is issued on the spot on the same day of the test.

Functions of the Department

The major functions of the Motor Vehicles Department are

  • Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules
  • Collection of taxes and fees and
  • Rendering services like
    • Issue of Driving Licences
    • Issue of Conductors’ Licences
    • Registration of Motor Vehicles
    • Issue of Certificate of Fitness to Transport Vehicles
    • Providing transport facilities to the public by granting regular and temporary permits to vehicles, etc.

Apart from this importance is also given to Road Safety measures and to the Control of Automobile Pollution. We dedicate ourselves to provide better and speedy service to the common man and proper enforcement of the statutory provisions pertaining to Motor Vehicles Act and Rules.

contact person
Shri Rajan Satardekar
Director - Directorate of Transport
Directorate of Transport, Government of Goa, 1st lift 1st floor, Junta house. 18th June road, Panaji Goa 403401
+91 832 2225724

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Learner’s License – Form No.1 – Application-cum-declaration as to Physical Fitness
English (7 KB) download
Learner’s License – Form No.1A for Medical certificate in case of commercial licences
English (10 KB) download
Form No. 2 Application for Grant or Renewal of Learner’s Licence
English (10 KB) download
Form 4 for Application for Driving Licence
English (24 KB) download
Form 6 for Application for Driving Licence (Smart Card)
English (9 KB) download
Form 7 for Application for Driving Licence(Laminated Smart Card)
English (20 KB) download
Form 9 for Application for the Renewalof Driving Licence
English (18 KB) download
Form 20 for Registration of a Motor Vehicles
English (14 KB) download
Form 27 – Assignment of new registration mark on removal of a motor vehicle to another State
English (6 KB) download
Form 25 – Application for renewal of Registration of a motor vehicle, other than a transport vehicle
English (8 KB) download
Form 26 – Intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the Certificate of Registration and application for the issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration
English (7 KB) download
Form 34 – Application for making an entry of an agreement of hire-purchase, lease, hypothecation subsequent to registration
English (7 KB) download
FORM 28 for application for “No Objection Certificate” and grant of certificate
English (8 KB) download
Form 29 Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicles
English (6 KB) download
Form 30 intimation and transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicles
English (8 KB) download
Form 31 for transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle
English (6 KB) download
Form 32 Application for transfer of ownership in auction
English (7 KB) download
Form 33 Intimation of change of address
English (6 KB) download
Profile Pic
Assistant Director of Transport

Head-Qtrs, Junta-House
Panaji, Tiswadi,
Goa - 403 001
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