Goa Institute of Public Administration & Rural Development

Goa Institute of Rural Development & Administration is functioning at Ela Farm, Old Goa since December 1999. Goa Institute of Rural Development & Administration was established by converting existing ETC into S.I.R.D. and has been functioning at the site of old E.T.C. It functioned from February 1999 to December 1999 as a government department and was made into autonomous institute from December 1999 on lines of similar institutes in other states (as per the pattern of Govt. of India). The site of Ela Farm where the Institute is located is at a distance of 10 Kms. from Panaji-the capital city of Goa.

The objectives of the Institute

  • To impart training to various officials and non official functionaries, directly or indirectly involved in the process of rural development, and also those involved in rendering other public administrative services or engaged in supportive roles, with a view to equip them.
    • a) With the sociological and behavioural perspective and techniques for being able to sensitively understand the problems of the target population.
    • b) With the managerial skills for efficient designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating rural development programmes, and
    • c) With the techniques for enlisting community action in the support of Rural Development programmes.
  • To carry on research – operational and policy.
    • a) To evolve ideas and concepts appropriate for administrative efficiency and rural development activities and to formulate policy alternatives.
    • b) To bring about development in the sphere of Appropriate Technology for strengthening the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the production of rural artisans.
  • To create an awareness of the potentialities of modern management service as a major instrument for rural development and better administrative services and practices.
  • To take up other such programmes incidental to Rural Development as may be found necessary from time to time.
  • To serve as a focal point for the evaluation of new path breaking approaches to development and social involvement in administration.
  • To serve as the policy making body to work out, test, validate and implement training strategies for all employees of Govt. of Goa, including those at administrative and managerial level.
contact person
Shri. P. Mathew Samuel
Ella Old Goa
2285985/ 2285755/ 8380070034