Ancestral Goa – A glimpse into Goa of the Past

Ancestral Goa
Ancestral Goa
Ancestral Goa,
Loutolim, Goa
Open all days 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Four centuries of Portuguese rule and that of other rulers before them has given Goa an unique life-style that consists of a blend of Indian and Western influences as can be seen in its varied culture and architecture of its towns and villages. Today Goa also boasts of glorious traditions that have been handed down to it over the ages.

Dedicated to the preservation of art, culture and environment and inorder to preserve Goa’s past and its rich traditions this magnificent project named “Ancestral Goa” is the result of a lot of meticulous research, planning and hardwork. It opened to the public in April 1995.

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Ancestral Goa is miniature Goan Village as it would have existed 100 years ago. It is located on a nine acre verdant hillock at Loutulim in South Goa, about ten kilometers from Margao.

Graceful swans charm the entrance to the reception. Elephants carrying flowered pillars with multi-hued and decorated beams deck the entryway.

A spacious room redolent of the Goan – Portuguese aura replete with a palanquin, sepia-toned photographs, domed lamps and a designed marble floor feeds one the anticipation of a moment when a whole treasure in the book of history will unfold. The traditional ‘aarti’ is performed as part of the greeted welcome by a sari-clad goan girl.

An incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Parashuram shot the legendary arrow into the bosom of the Indian Ocean resulting in the emotive paradise known as Goa. The visitor is treated to a sight of Parashuram at the entrance itself, all ready with the proverbial bow & arrow.

One step out of the high- ceilinged entrance, sporting a “punkah” and one moves into a landscape spread over a gently rolling hill where laterite steps lead to “Demo” (the caretaker of the landlord’s property).

The Ancestral Goa project, the brainchild of Goan artist, Maendra J. Alvares who has used his family’s ancestral property to keep Goa’s culture alive and is a place worth visiting as any lay visitor can get a glimpse of Goa in its original grandeur and authentic form.

This place also gives visitors a glance of a sight other than beaches, churches and temples which Goa is famous for and imparts a culture based education about the roots and heritage of Goa. Ancestral Goa is included as one of the sight seeing spots by Goa Tourism Development Corporation’s buses in their cultural tour package.

Local feasts and festivals are celebrated with traditional style and fervour. A visit to Ancestral Goa on any of the feast days, allows for a pure experience of Goan customs and lifestyles. The Eat-out offers a menu full of traditional Goan Specialties. Local vegetables, fish and sweets are treats to be indulged in.

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Ancestral Home: With immenso Heritage potential for tourist visit belongs to Mrs. Sara Fernandes, situated at Cotta in Chandor.

The project is made up of various points of definition :

The open-air museum tracing Goa’s historical evolution of “Rural” trade and culture, also depits man’s close co existence with nature.

A spice, fruit, vegetable, medicinal and herbal garden with an ancient irrigation system on display with descriptions of the medicinal values.

The “Legend of the Big Foot” is a footprint embedded in a rock face, where the pure of heart place their hand and are rewarded with Good Luck or Blessings.

A bird habitat ensuring a sighting of atleast 35 varieties oflocal and exotic birds. The majoe attraction, Natural Harmony” – India’s longest laterite scultpure of “Santa Mira” the singing saint, 14 x 5 mtrs. in length and sculpted in a record time of Maendra Alvares. This feat and the sculpture, itself have entered the Limca book of Records.

Other features are: A Butterfly – Cactus garden – A rubber plantation where rubber is tapped and processed – Various handicraft and local artifact outlets –An “Art Exhibition Centre” where many artistic ad photo exhibits are held.

Rs.50/- per person, Rs.25/- for children from 3 to 10 years