This page displays Acts passed by various departments of Goa Government.

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Railway Protection Force (Amendment) Act, 2003
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State and Central acts implemented by IT department
English (53 KB) download 
Persons With Disablities (Equal Opportunities,Protection Of Rights and Full Participation) Act,1995
English (234 KB) download 
Law Acts
English (27 KB) download Date: 13/12/2019
Acts and Rules - Department of Enviornment
English (144KB) download Date: 09/12/2019
Goa Police Acts & Rules
This Link Will Redirect You To Goa Police Department Website :  download Date: 07/12/2019
Livestock Improvement Act
English (162 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
Cess on Fluid Milk Act
English (151 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
The Goa Daman and Diu prevention of Cow-Slaughter Act 1978
English (165 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
Animal Preservation Act
English (118 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
The prevention of cruelty to animals act,1960
English (394) download Date: 02/12/2019
Goa Daman and Diu Diseases of Animals Act 1974
English (290 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
The Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984 (Act No. 52 of 1984)
English (2MB) download Date: 02/12/2019
The prevention and control of infectious and contagious diseases in animal act, 2009 (Act No. 27 of 2009)
English (380 KB) download Date: 02/12/2019
Prisons Act 1894
English (62 KB) download Date: 18/11/2019
Prisoners Act1900
English (1.54 MB) download Date: 18/11/2019
Prisons Goa Daman and Diu Amendment Act, 1968
English (131 KB) download Date: 18/11/2019
National SecAmndmnt Act 1984
English (1.39 MB) download Date: 18/11/2019
The Goa State Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1993 and Rules, 1997
English (264 KB) download Date: 14/11/2019
The Goa Investment Promotion Act, 2014
English (145 KB) download Date: 23/10/2019
MSMED Act, 2006 - Industries, Trade And Commerce
English (126 KB) download Date: 23/10/2019
The Goa Rehabilitation Board Act, 2006
English (329kb) download Date: 09/10/2019
PHR Act - I
English  download Date: 21/08/2019
PHR Act - IV
English  download Date: 21/08/2019
English  download Date: 21/08/2019
PHR Act - II
English  download Date: 21/08/2019
The Goa Sewerage System and Sanitation Services Management Act, 2008 & Rules, 201002
English  download Date: 01/08/2019
English  download Date: 18/07/2019
Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
English (481 KB) download 

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