The Goa State Agriculture Marketing Board


With the view to bring about an integrated development of marketing of agricultural produce and to safeguard the economic interest of the producer / seller in Goa, the Govt. in the year 1968 extended to this state, then Union Territory the Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act 1963. With suitable modification The Act was made applicable with effect from 16.09.1968 and Goa Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Rules 1969 were framed.


The main objective of inacting Market act in this territory was to protect the interest of the producer seller by way of better prices and providing scientific marketing facilities to the produce sold by him and to make him free from exploitation by way of various malpractices that prevailed by implementing the various measures provided in the act. The Marketing Board to a large extent has succeeded in eradicating the malpractices and ensuring the better price.

contact person
Shri H. S. Gawade
Main-Yard, Arlem,
Raia Salcete – Goa
+918322741957 / 58

For more details : Department website for The Goa State Agriculture and Marketing Board New Link

The Goa State Agriculture and Marketing Board Schemes
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For more details : Department website for The Goa State Agriculture and Marketing Board New Link

The Goa Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Act 2007 and Rules 2010
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Amendment Act
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Board Members List
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Change of Name
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De-regulating Paddy & Fish
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Exemption of Market Fee Paddy
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Notification Commodities
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Notification Mango Mossami Watermelon
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Notification Milk Butter Ghee
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