The Commercial Tax Department is administering levy and collection of tax revenue under the Goa Value Added Tax / Goa Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, Goa Luxury Tax on residential accommodation, Goa Tax on Entry of Goods into local area and Goa Entertainment Tax Acts. For the purpose of proper control and administration, the State of Goa has been divided into seven ward offices, namely, Panaji, Mapusa, Bicholim, Ponda, Margao, Vasco and Curchorem. The overall tax administration is controlled and monitored by its Headquarters at Panaji.

Org. Chart


Details of Tax Officers


SNo Ward Name and Address Officer Incharge (C.T.O) Other Officers Tel No(s) State Code: (0832)
1 Panaji Ward
Altinho Goa.
Smt. Swati Dalvi
ACTO: Smt. Gina D’Souza
ACTO: Smt. Priya Naik
ACTO: Smt. M.L.A. Vaz
ACTO: Smt. Sunita Naik
ACTO: Shri Tukaram Sawant
CTI: Shri Deepak Kerkar
CTI: Smt. Sandhya Kamat
CTI: Smt. Beena Shirodkar
CTI: Smt. Lakshada Kandolkar
CTI: Smt. Margarida Dsouza
CTI: Smt. Ashwini Burye
CTI: Smt. Preeti Mirajkar
2 Margao Ward. C & D wing,
3rd Floor,
Osia Commercial Complex,
Nr. S.G.P.D.A market Complex,
Margao Goa.
Smt. Darshani Dessai
CTO: Shri Aleixo Vaz, CTO
ACTO: Shri Deepak Gawas
ACTO: Smt Pallavi Joshi
ACTO: Smt. Vinita Kamat
ACTO: Smt. Trinidade D’Silva
ACTO: Shri Sudesh Naik
CTI: Shri Subhash Gurav
CTI: Smt. Sujata Dessai
CTI: Smt. Sushma Pandit
CTI: Smt. Vidhati Tari
CTI: Smt. Amita Prabhudessai
CTI: Smt Mangala Naik
CTI: Shri Mahesh Chari
CTI: Shri Pratap Phadte
CTI: Smt Elvia Afonso
CTI: Smt. Mina Frias

An Act to consolidate and amend the Law for imposing a tax in respect of admission to entertainments in the State of Goa and for certain matters connected therewith.


The Goa Entertainment Tax (Amendment) Act, 2013 (Goa Act 7 of 2013)
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An Act to provide for levy of tax in the State of Goa.


The Goa Tax on Luxuries (Twelfth Amendment) Act, 2012
English (78 KB)  download

An Act to provide for Entry tax in the State of Goa.


The Goa Tax on Entry of Goods (Amendment) Act, 2013 (Goa Act 5 of 2013)
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An Act to provide for V.A.T in the State of Goa.


The Goa Value Added Tax (Seventh Amendment) Act, 2013 (Goa Act 12 Of 2013)
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