Register with State Employment Exchange

Registration means the process of recording the particulars of an employment seeker according to prescribed procedure with a view to rendering them employment assistance.


The applicant who intends to register the name in the Employment Exchange should produce the below mentioned certificates. Registration and renewal timings are 9.30 to 1.15 p.m.


Documents Required :

  1. All qualification certificates
  2. Experience certificate is any
  3. Residential certificate of 15 years


All the certificates should be in original. If the applicants belong to S/C, S/T, O.B.C., P/H, Widow, Divorcee, Sportsmen/sportswomen, Orphan should produce the certificate from the concerned Authority in order to register in the concerned category.



Employment seekers desiring to record additional qualification acquired subsequently to registration may do so by reporting to the registration section on any working day along with the certificates in original


Renewal of Registration

Renewal means the process of extension of period for which the registration is valid for purpose of rendering employment assistance. At present the renewal period is 3 (three) years. The applicant will be allowed to renew his registration in person on any working day during the month of registration or the following two months, failing which the registration card gets lapsed.

When an applicant residing in the jurisdiction of one Exchange informs that he has moved to the jurisdiction of another Exchange and makes a request to transfer his/her index card to the new Exchange and when the card is received from that Exchange the same is registered maintaining his/her seniority in the Exchange where he/she was initially registered provided the registration is valid.


Also a residential certificate for the period that the candidate is residing should be produced.


Employers coming within the purview of Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959 have to compulsorily notify the vacancy to the Employment Exchanges.


Apart from this Employers not coming under the purview of Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959 may also notify the vacancies in the prescribed form.


On receipt of notified vacancies the names of suitable applicants/candidates as per seniority and eligibility is generated through the computer and thereafter sent to the respective Employer.


The names of applicants are deleted from the live register of the Employment Exchange on receipt of information from the Employer that they are placed.


**NB: for any other queries candidates are requested to contact Employment Exchange for more assistance.