Register Vehicle

The registration procedure includes physical inspection of the vehicle for its particulars, by the Inspecting Authority at the Transport local office, and is followed by the registration of the vehicle. The documents required for applying for registration are as follows:


Form 20 duly filled up


Form 21 (Sale certificate) issued by the vehicle dealer


Form 22 (Road-worthiness certificate) issued by the manufacturer


Attested copy of a valid vehicle insurance policy/cover note


Attested copy of proof of the address at which the vehicle is to be registered


Form 34 duly signed by the owner and the attested copy of the G.I.R. No./Pan No., financer, in case the vehicle is bought on hypothecation

One-time road tax as applicable


Prescribed fee for registration



After allocation of registration numbers, a fee slip is given to the applicant on the same day, and the zonal office keeps the above documents. The registration fee slip can be retained as registration proof till the registration certificate is delivered. The registration certificate Form ? 23 can be collected on any subsequent working day after depositing the registration fee slip.

The Department of Transport, Government of Goa, is the provider for this service, as also the office of the Deputy Transport Commissioner (at the State level) and the District Transport Officers (3 numbers).