Online Grievance

The Public Grievances Department has the jurisdiction over the entire State of Goa, for the purpose of receipt, co-ordination and monitoring of the public grievances arising out of the functioning of the various government organizations. It will also co-ordinate with Central Government Departments in cases in which any resident of Goa is having any grievances against Central Government Departments/organizations.

Website of Government of Goa, Public Grievance portal: New Link

You can lodge grievance by clicking on “Lodge Grievance”. Once clicked, you can lodge grievance to

Department of Public Grievances

Office of the Chief Minister

Secretary (Public Grievances)

You can send reminder or clarification by clicking on “Lodge Reminder/Clarification”.

You can view status by clicking on “View Action Status”

Note: Registration Number is required to lodge reminder/clarification or to view action status.

  • The Public should register their grievances arising out of the functioning of an officer of a particular Department, in the first instance with the designated Public Grievance Officer of the Department at the District Level.
    The Members of public may directly approach the Head of Department/Public Grievance Officer of the relevant department/office on every Tuesday between 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs which period has been fixed for grievance redress, when Heads of Department/Head of office including Public Grievance Officer will remain in their respective office to receive and hear public grievances, during which time no internal departmental meetings shall be fixed.
  • In case there is lukewarm or no response from the said Public Grievance Officer of their concerned Department, then only the aggrieved person may approach the Department of Public Grievances with the written grievance in detail. The grievance shall be immediately taken up with the respective Head of the Department against whose Officers the grievance has been basically raised.
  • In case if it is found that redress of public grievance shall take time an interim reply shall be given to the aggrieved party and thereafter a final reply should be given once the grievance is disposed that to in minimum possible time. For that purpose the timings prescribed are under:-
    For interim replies – 30 days (includes Sunday, Holiday, etc.)
    For final replies – 60 days (includes Sunday, Holiday, etc.)
  • In case the person aggrieved due to the action/in action of the Officer of an organisation, does not know as to who is the Public Grievance Officer before whom he should raise the grievance, then the people may send the same to the Public Grievance Department so that the same can be forwarded to the concerned Public Grievance Officer of the concerned Department.
  • They should preferably, put up their grievances in writings, giving therein all necessary details in brief and enclosing all required documents if any.
  • Should desist from making any baseless allegations on any officer/offices without any substance.
  • Should not try to approach the P.G.R.M. for setting personal enmity and private grievances.
  • No grievances should be raised against the order of Courts, quasi-judicial authorities, wherever there is a provision for preferring an appeal against such orders/judgments etc.
  • Should enclose only relevant enclosures and documents and avoid unnecessary bulky correspondence.
  • They should not raise grievances which are purely to be settled in courts of law; so also no grievance against the policy decision of the Government can be raised.