Divergence Certificate

Mamlatdar of the concerned Taluka.

The applicant should put up his/her application to Mamlatdar of the concerned Taluka, where the applicant permanently resides, on any working day, and obtain an Acknowledgement Receipt for the same. The applicant is also given a delivery date for his/her certificate, which is printed on the Receipt.


Apply in prescribed form to the Mamlatdar (Annexure B)

File an affidavit in prescribed form. (Annexure C)

Produce documentary evidence wherein the divergence of names have occurred.

Attach attested copies of birth certificate

The application will be sent to the concerned Talathi asking for his report within 3 days.

On the receipt of the report of the Talathi concerned the Mamlatdar will issue the Divergence Certificate within 2 days.

No fee is charged for this service.