Birth Certificate

In India, it is mandatory under the law (as per the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969) to register every birth/stillbirth with the concerned State/UT Government within 21 days of its occurrence.

The persons who could register the event are:
  • In a Hospital, Health Centre, Maternity Home, Nursing Home or other similar institutions: Medical Officer In-charge or any officer authorised by him/her
  • In a Jail: Jailor In-charge
  • In a Hostel, Dharamshala, Boarding/Lodging House etc.: Person In-charge
  • In a Moving Vehicle: Person In-charge of the Vehicle
  • Found deserted in a public place: Headman of the Village/In-charge of the local police station
  • House: Head of the household or in his absence, his nearest relative
The applicant can put up his/her application for registering birth and obtaining birth certificate at the e-Suvidha centers situated in the Offices of “Registrar of Births and Deaths” of Panaji Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council or Village Panchayat or Medical Superintendent/State/District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals as applicable to obtain birth registration and certificates.
The applicant is given an Acknowledgement Receipt for the same that indicates a Delivery Date for his/her Certificate.

For delayed registration, the issuing authority, at his discretion may initiate Field Enquiry by the relevant Tehsil/Revenue Inspector/Deputy Collector & Magistrate on the merit of the application. After proper verification, the respective authorities would issue the birth certificate to the applicant.

In Goa, the District Magistrate and Collectors have been designated as “District Registrar of births and deaths” the Sub-Divisional Magistrates/Block Development Officers have been designated as Additional Registrar for birth.


In addition, the commissioner of Panaji Municipal Corporation/ secretary of Municipal Council/ secretary of Village Panchayat and incharges of State/District/Sub-Divisional Hospitals have also been notified as “Registrar of births and deaths”


The different bodies in the state for birth registration are:
  • Corporation of the City of Panaji
  • Municipal Council
  • Village Panchayat
  • Goa Medical College, Bambolim – Goa. (Please note, GMC will register only if event took place in GMC.)
The following indicative list of documents may qualify to substantiate the applicant’s claim for registering birth and obtaining a certificate
  • Citizenship of either of Parents [mandatory]
  • Certificate of Pradhan
  • Certificate of Doctor/Hospital Discharge Certificate
  • Tehshil enquiry
  • In case of delayed registration, an affidavit from Judicial Magistrate/Notary is required indicating the date and place of birth, names of the parents and evidence of the event of birth.
  • In case you have applied after a month but within a year you have to obtain a permission from the Add. Dist. Registrar i.e. B.D.O. of concerned Taluka.
  • In case you have applied after one year you have to obtain an order from the Executive Magistrate and copy of the said order is required to be attached with the prescribed application form.
Rs. 2/-
Rs. 5/-
Rs. 10/-